ABOUT Frienbr

Introducing Frienbr, Japan's American-Made Eliquid. Frienbr benefits from not only the highest quality natural American ingredients but also from a Japanese attention to detail and design. Crafted in the west coast where vaporizers are the most popular, we're bringing these genuine, American flavors right to your break time!

At first glance Frienbr might appear to be an electronic cigarette, but it is actually a tar and nicotine-free Eliquid vaporizer. Take a moment to enjoy Frienbr's natural flavors and fragrances and with cool designs, you can look good while doing it.

healthy and hearty

For your health, we make sure to keep our products completely free of nicotine, tar, and other harmful elements present in tobacco. Enjoy your breaktimes worry free!

pure ingredients

Frienbr flavors are put together with love, care, and only the finest natural American ingredients. Rest assured that with Frienbr, you're tasting pure Eliquid crafted in America.

Made in the USA

Our glycerols are carefully extracted and composed by American craftsmen. One taste of these passion-brewed flavors and you'll see what the US vaping craze is all about!


American tobacco blend

Like the real thing, but without the Nicotine or tar. A smooth tobacco blend with deep, robust aromas. Slow down there cowboy, it’s time for a smoke.

tabacco flavor

Fruit explosion

Inspired by the feeling of a morning sunrise. Packs a refreshing punch with Tasty layers of fruit. Get a good start on the rest of your day.

tabacco flavor

Strawberry whip cream

Fluffy goodness like strawberry shortcake on the 4th of July. A quick puff of this sweet and creamy flavor and the good times will roll.

tabacco flavor

Summer fresh Melon

A refreshing wave of juicy-fresh melon for those hot summer months. Nothing quite like a glistening slice of cold fruit after a day spent outside.

tabacco flavor

Peach Mango Blast

Dip into this balanced flavor of sweet and tangy deliciousness. Fuzzy pink peaches and steamy tropical mangoes.

tabacco flavor

Berries in heaven

These tart yet sweet berries will have you swimming in the clouds. With their naturally delicious character it's no wonder American vapers go so crazy for berry flavor.

tabacco flavor

MORE coming soon...


Cloud 17

The cutting edge. CLOUD17 has the newest features for top tier clouds and long lasting battery life. Its slick design fits snugly into the palm of your hand and the cool matte finish gives it a smooth feel.


Frienbr’s STANDARD model brings a sense of maturity to your flavorful breaktimes. The Atomizer has built in air control so you can adjust the strength of your vapor clouds. Additionally, you can disassemble the parts for maximum portability.

Frienbr One

The convenient design of Frienbr One unites the atomizer and battery into a single, stylish rod. Our recommendation for those who want a quick and easy start to Frienbr.

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